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First and foremost, a GIANT S/O and thank you to Punx for the drops & production while I move all across the U.S.

To Team Martin...I owe you guys everything! You're my solace in a difficult world and my point of pride when I feel like it's almost too much to bear. You guys keep me going and every time I write it's in hopes of making a better life for you. You have all my heart and soul.

To all my friends who've encouraged me, believed in me and stood behind me throughout my career and still message and call though I'm moving all over the states, it means everything to me. Thank you!


1) KUNG FU INTRO (Commusication)

2) #BAAIMOC (Prod-Repete23 *Vechta, Germany)

3) BITE THE BULLET ( Prod-Father Focus Confucius *Wisconsin)

4) WINDOW PAIN (Prod-Dirty Urch *England)

5) SNOW BLIND (DuGGi Beats *UK feat DJ Trickalome)

6) WHAT MAKES A MAN (Black Tokyo Musik *Va)

7) MY STREET (Spoken Word)

8)) INSIDE OUT (Tucker Wagstaff *Utah)


10) TATTOOS (Carnage the Executioner *MN)

11) VADERS RISE (THA God Zombie *Novia Scotia)


13) PC MUST DIE (Pen Pointz *Saskatchewan)


released December 25, 2014

"Kung Fu Intro" recorded at 2 Pretty Productions, sound effects/mixing/mastering by East Hall Recording Studios.

"#BAAIMOC" Recorded/Mixed/mastered at 2 Pretty Productions

"Bite The Bullet" Recorded/mixed/mastered at 2 Pretty Productions

"Window Pain" Recorded/mixed/mastered at 2 Pretty Productions

"Snow Blind" Recorded at 2 Pretty Productions, mixed and mastered by DuGGi Beats (UK)

"What Makes A Man" Recorded/mixed/mastered at 2 Pretty Productions

"My Street" Recorded via voice note on iPhone 5C

"Inside Out" Recorded/mixed/mastered at IRock Recording Studio

"Kung Fu Interlude" Recorded/mixed/mastered at IRock Recording Studio

"Tattoos" Recorded/mixed/mastered at IRock Recording Studio

"Vaders Rise" Recorded/mixed/mastered at IRock Studios

"Macrophonic MC Will KYFA" recorded live at the Brickhouse, Jonesboro, AR

"PC Must Die" Recorded/mixed/mastered at IRock Recording Studio

*All songs recorded at 2 Pretty Productions engineered by Shannon Maggitt.

*All songs recorded at IRock Recording Studio engineered by Imiximaster Rell.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Macrophonic MC Wilmington, North Carolina

An MC from nowhere. Born in Spa City & lives in GHOSTOWN for now, Macrophonic MC is a truly unique artist in the world of Hip-Hop. Mixing destructive, cunning, yet uplifting lyrics with Spoken Word poetry, several languages and a very different and honest view of life, Macrophonic MC has traveled the world promoting his craft and now brings the show to you. "Being an artist is my only catharsis" ... more

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Track Name: #BAAIMOC Feat DJ JS-1 (Rock Steady Crew NYC)

1) Cell holdin on to wifi like Obama to a white guys
Temper in the center of a winter filled with some white lies
2) But that's politics, gets, colder than a walrus dick
There's so many MULTITASKING , they multi taxin in spite of it
3) But I'm Michael Vick fighting it, standing aside and timing it,
Go head and peak my temper, I'll meditate and then write of it.
4) Time to fit my mold. Why they suicidal for titles?
I'm spinnin beads for my fidos & finding the fighting final.
5) That's why I'm fluid like tai chi, they playing that "why me"
Card like David Blain & I'm blaming the terebi, hontoni.
6) They tellin me, stoppin me, stop with the rockin the boat
But I'm really writing to rhythm to give em a little hope
7) They misguided, I'm misjudged, mistranslated like scripture (scriptuh)
They miss the meaning, I'm leading by feeling, feeding them, this the
8) Truth, ya either miss it or get it or it or watch it fly over
I spit for the higher triple IQs and all my stoners.(have the word stoners go deep voiced and stretch out)

It's all about compassion

it's about the passion

It's all about the lyrics touching minds, everlasting

The rapture, attraction,

Giving hearts to the heartless

Cause Being an artist is my only catharsis.

1)When u read my lyrics, steal em yo, in fact, I hope you snatch em
Like the life spirit of native Americans when you photograph em.
2) I use my words to serve like the protection of Mary Magdalene,
And try my best to capture the past but I passed skimming chapters
3) That class might've been meant for you but I was cast running faster,
Mastered the art now I'm reverse engineering, moving backwards.
4) Sometimes it hurts, what I'm hearing, so I'm steering the movement
Actually, if it's factual, I'm a catalyst and I'm here to prove it
5) The gift was given and I'm SMITTEN....but they abused it,
And so I'm giving the written word & I'll observe the clueless.
6) Foolish, like telling a monkey to open his hand when he's got a jewel fist,
You'll miss that trap if it's in fact past the pulpit.
7) They're ravenous, and it's patterned after the fallout, but it's all out
Or nothing cause I Am Legend through the suffering.
8) With an eight fold path and monk patience, Pai Mei
There's Kung Fu in everything I do, I do it my way.

"I don't drink, I barely smoke, I'm no joke."
"Bite the Bullet"

1) Breathe in, breathe out & make it happen,
Cause all of these other people are just actin like they laughing
2) But they're scared as you, scared as me, and every day there's a battle that we will inevitably see
3) But it's all about how you perceive and maneuver through the high life and sewers
You the ONLY one who will be doing the choosing the path that will consume you.
4) Make your choices from experiences, don't experience the choice,
Try and quiet yourself in the heart of the storm and form your inner voice.
5) Its like the things in the dark that were scary until you rushed em,
You teach em, you've touched em, you can build em or destruct em.
6) Lead by example, you were BORN to do this,
From a strong line of strong men with a strong will who knew this.
7) The flu-id in your veins will remain to be your guide,
So whenever the day comes that I can't be by your side RIDE!
8) Stand up for the weak, the Earth will inherit the meek,
There's no need for you to wait to take the lead you gotta just...

Bite the Bullet, breathe in, breathe out or be a victim all your life. (Repeat)

1) When it comes to women it's a different kinda battle,
The heart wants what the hearts wants and it will rattle
2) Your very fiber, you can't just rush in and find her,
You gotta check your stride and just slide up beside her.
3) Confidence is everything, but know everything will change,
You'll start questioning every move you make but it's ok.
4) She's probably doing the same, don't wanna ruin the game,
Endorphins out of control and you just wanna maintain.
5) But you'll know it when you find her, there's no feeling like the time
when the time stands still and lasts forever inside her eyes
6) Ya think you're ready but your never ready, all of your training useless,
You might try speak with smoothness, but it'll come out so clueless
7) Deep in the throws, no logic, it's all hope,
Be EVERYTHING to her she is to you & let her know.
8) Never take it for it granted because not everyone is allowed this,
Billions on this planet & you found her so now it's...

Family first

Trust your gut

Being different is a good thing

Don't be afraid to fail

Express your feelings and ideas freely

Question everything

Train your body and mind

Respect and you'll be respected

Make your own decisions

Lead and they will follow

Protect those that can't protect themselves

Mistakes are to be learned from not feared

Love fiercely

Travel as far as life takes you

One of the most important things in life is to make people laugh

Live everyday like tomorrow won't arrive

A goal without a plan is a hope, you can do this.

After the last chorus,"just breathe"
"Window Pain"

1) Every one remembers the days through window pain expecting the rain.
Tryin' to focus but only notice thoughts rockin' ur brain.
2) The same feeling in your gut, reeling from memories of,
The way that things went and the way they might blow up.
3) You shut your eyes and one leaks out, it's serious now,
Don't even open your mouth scared of what'll come out.
4) & How this even happened so fast is way past you,
Always supported the movement and thought that it was way past due.
5) We knew his Kung Fu was too strong, couldn't stay here for too long,
His songs resonate through the hearts of the new & gone.
6) And you knew that. He pursued that every day that he wrote,
Sayin', "industry's mirrors and smoke, I know, but I'm going for broke
7) And no one will change what I believe." And from that you could see,
In his eyes that the fire inside was breaking free.
8) "Let it be" you said softly, "I'll weather the rain.
Do what you're meant for baby, there's love in this Window Pain."

1) Through my window the world looks different all of these faces imprinted,
in my memory & clothes, those are constantly scented.
2) With the cigarette & the herb smoke, it's working' my nerves yo,
These cities are blurs though, it's lyrics and hurtles.
3) & I'm waitin' for furlow, But it's all smiles and hands out,
Interviews to stand out. Sayin' I'm the man now but it feels like a rain cloud.
4) is always followin', networking it & politicin'. Gotta be honest & when it comes down to my promises.
5) I'ma be there for the fans no matter how bad it hurts,
But mostly for my seed and my Earth first, so they knowing' my worth.
6) Got my back like a wet shirt, believe me on that ,
In a second's notice they'd expat if
I told em to bag pack.
7) So I'm travelin', backpack, nothing stopping my trajectory,
Giving every bit of what is left of me, my fans are my family.
8) But I'ma make it back home with a much stronger backbone,
Smile at my reflection, lessen Window Pain with her ring tone.
Track Name: SNOW BLIND
"Snow Blind"
I think when it boils down to it we're snow blind. "Snow blind?" Yeah like when u wake up and look out the window after a snowfall and can't see anything at first....that's us, that's our society.

1) Catharsis, I spark this regardless of the changing of the markets,
The hunter for prey is heartless, they harvest
2) Everything they can when a man is card less and starving,
& Hardly bat an eye as they start up with the carving
3) of your assets & it's your ass next if you don't balance the checks,
These checks and balances don't amount to your flesh
4) These fresh bodies are food for the machines to filet,
Freedom fails every day for the feeble will pay.
5) Until they fall from the collapse like the rest of the capita,
Leave you flat on your broken back from the blast of the data
6) captured. These cats wanna revolution, burning and shootin',
But it's already begun, in your computer they're computing.
7) Using keystrokes and gathering deep throats, they watching what we know,
Brutal beauty in simplicity, identities sold for c notes.
8) & we go about our days in a haze from the bombardment,
We'd rather lay & get laid & get paid than see their target. Wake up

You gotta wake up, you're snow blind. They play with the known mind. We have so much potential, but milked like bovines.
Tow the line, know the line or blow the line in your trumpet & keep neat the flock of sheep, you're a puppet. You're a puppet, you're a puppet.

1) I'm fast like an Indian cycle, dot, not feather.
Roll ya with verbal yoga till you're tied up and tethered.
2) Wether or not you think your superior, I'll be the one clearing
mind before you realize, I'll blind you to inferior
3) Music and artists who're shooting their hardest to
Keep it back in the Cretaceous but I'm mad tenacious LOU!! (you don't know where I've been)
4) You bracing? It's cool. While I'll be facing these fools
And racing them to oblivion-giving em complexes of truth
5) Reality's you. They knew so they distorting the truth
Making faking it look so cool I guess rape is the new, new.
6) That's why they hatin me dude because I'm breaking the rules,
& so blatant with my moves, no taking it back when I'm through.
7) I'm Guy out Fawkes-ing em you'd be solid my team too
If only you knew what I knew before I started the move-
8) Meant to awaken you to the fact the Matrix is ruse,
Light and show, bright with smoke, so follow me if you choose. Snow....blinded....fools.


1) Word of advice, keep up ur left & float the right,
Might be the fight of your life, right? & won't happen twice.
2) Don't hide behind your doubt, no thoughts of cowering out,
That's not who you've ever been, a veteran of the now.
3) Broken down and bruised, used, you've paid all your dues,
Lose to win again sometimes, using your mind as your tool.
4) You left & rightin' em cool, calm, collected, it's true,
Knew when the situation's hectic, protected as time flew.
5) By for everyone else but it slowed down for yourself,
Your true knowledge of wealth shown, no talking through hell.
6) The bell rings every day, you work hard for your pay,
Lay the day on it's back, pack the bowl & you pray.
7) You're bones break in the fray, know that it's ending today,
So you keep going, wrap your wrists & keep on with the way.
8) That you were taught cause the metal that your made of will stand.
Damn what they think, you know what it takes to make a man.

Is it the fact that u fight for your beliefs?
Or the feelings that you have when you fighting to breath?
Is it that you're a father and a family man?
Or the feelings you hold back when controlling your hands?
The fact that you provide without thinking?
Or sinking feelings that you have that you're in danger of extinction?
Is it the fact that you can't stomach news
But teach your family everyday what it is to be true?


1) If you fall, you get up. Say "fuck!", knock off the dust.
One of us, only trust in yourself to finish up.
2) Miniature...are all of these people claiming they tough,
They never seeing or believing the demons you fight and punk.
3) Shotgun...pump, you're heart's beating, pushing poison to meet with
This world is in season, PULL!.....another gone, moving seamless.
4) You can't copy the scene list or rock in my genes, it's,
You're built or you're not, you either fail or you're dean's list.
5) I mean this, don't classify a man by a penis,
This shit is called moxy, like boxing, a dying species.
6) So you, read my theses & feed the beastie,
And, don't be ashamed of testosterone, WE THE CHIEFS &.
7) Still smoke like Indians & drink like fish &
Realize that you're a pirate in a world full of wigs.
8) Rep yo shit! Anti-antidisestablishmentarianist
I'm a man with my word and my balls & that's it. Believe.
Track Name: INSIDE OUT
"Inside Out"

1) Dear Mr record exec, ima hafta ask you to
Draft me a check & scratch that out to disaster too
2) I'm movin' it faster through a whirlwind of masterful
Skill set to stun & when I'm done it'll be a CATAPULT
3) That'll send your little label to the upper echelon of rap
Not that I'm a rapper but, shit, somebody's gotta be taking it back
4) Matter of fact, when you write it just fill in the name as "cash"
Once I attack , there'll be no returns of the game or getting it back
5) Black....listed and black balled, no mind that cause I'm past yall
Laughed at cause Mac raw and writing that lyrical, look, all
6) I'm sayin is I don't play with this , don't do it for free, gotta pay for this
7) industry full of these plagiarists
But I come from a place where they made to spit
8) Take a chance, an MC from the dirty and hungry
I'm takin the belt in a hurry & ain't no taking it from me!!!

Dear Mr A & R, we are, struggling artists
We realize the world
Is cold but we came here to spark it
Swimming little guppies in a sea full of sharks, it's
gonna take a miracle to not end up heartless....

1) But it's so easy cause we be makin it simple to press up a cd
No need in being greedy, soon you'll be saying the fans, man, they need me
2) Keep chiefin like a teepee, and we'll be the go between
Saturday a show in San Fran & Tuesday you're in Queens.
3) Confabulation will have you reliving the best times that never were,
Sippin syrup till you slur, just rap in cursive, it'll burn
4) When that pride catches up, but here's another advance,
Need the next album in two weeks, monkey, now let's see you dance.
5) All of these fans, all of these shows, all of these women up out of their clothes,
All of that powder that's up in your nose got u on lock & yo, that's how it goes.
6) Keep on the road, money will flow, oh & ur merch, we OWN a percentage
Might've forgot to send it the day we all made that decision.
7) Envision a world tour, too many countries to mention
Forget you're forgetting, inching closer to total pretension....just making it where you're be fitting
8) Just stay on your mission, don't be missin the picture
It's YOUR face they will be seeing, & your name that is their scripture.
(Ladies and gentleman, Minnesota's finest, Carnage the Executioner on the beat...this is "Tattoos")

Tattoos are much more than ink,
You open the pores to think
You close your doors when you drink
You can change the score in a blink

Or is it just a matter that situations move faster
Than your grey matter can capture
Looking backwards through the chatter it's....Tattoos.
You gettin em. Tattoos, they gettin em. Tattoos, she gettin em. Tattoos, he gettin em. Tattoos, we gettin em.

1) Ima live forever in your skin so you can fake a win,
They'll take you then, thinking your fitting within the mold that they're baking you in.
2) Break or you bend? Or do you wanna ascend with the cool and their kin?
It's just a little needle, so feeble, be mo tougher for ten
3) Minutes at the most, right? It can't be that long of a bite,
Then you coast right by the high school high showin ya shoulder, I'd
4) Do it before you chicken out, it's your body but EVERYONE'S getting em now,
You'll stand out with a clean slate or sit in without the in crowd.
5) Generation no name, this penetration's so lame,
Doesn't even hurt, I'm planning another, man, I'm so game.
6) Slow mo, no cocaine, starting to hurt but don't show pain,
Everybody went through it, it's gotta get easier, that's when the dopamine
7) Started filtering and your feeling the feeling they feeling whenever they re-up,
Gonna be getting another after you GON see how they gonna treat ya
8) Now from the knee up you inked up, they see ya & they think what
Could you have been thinking with all that inking now nobody tries to link up.

Tattoos are much more than ink,
You open the pores to think
You close your doors when you drink
You can change the score in a blink

Or is it just a matter that situations move faster
Than your grey matter can capture
Looking backwards through the chatter it's....Tattoos.

(Fade out rappin)

1) Vini vidi vicci now they creepy when they greet me
Ask to chief me outty now we treat it like a fleeting meeting
2) Me, I'm just a human being seeing meaning in the dreaming
Catching constellations quickly, now they messaging me geeking
3) Gotta get back to em, Gotta rap to em, gotta Mac to em
Gotta show em that a battle rattle is a vacuum
4) Gotta act soon, a hot commodity, solidly pondering how they gonna spin it
Give it a chance to expand to some more demographics, it's tragic how they get up in it
5) Is...a synonym for my symmetry, no semblance of anonymity.
Any remembrance, if they remember me, will be clouded by latest technology
6) So what's the "symbology" chief? Huh?Idiocracy's here in a week, huh?
Tongue in cheek, they mockin me, taunted me, followed me with NO apology, rally my speak Huh?
7) Golden years, savage the beat......

1) I need someone to take photos up close at my next show tho
Cause I'm bout to go for dolo then say "I know" like Han Solo.
2) & I know those kids BLOWED in the front row hold yo
cause they came out the bathroom solo....crumbs in their nose holes.
3) No promotin dope tho, I bring peace until they blow smoke
Then my eyes get low, I'm loco, need insurance Flo sold.
4) So cold with the flow tho like when jack froze from that Rose ho
I'm getting a sinking feeling they no catchin my DRIFT, here's a QUICK slo mo.
5) Pay attention you dodos & I'll Paint a picture like photos
That'll have you propose another collaboration pro bono.
6) So no, don't ask me for a tag or show promote,
Cause my folks stay shoulder linked like a phalanx with no holes
7) So close with fake names & pistolas, roll like cholos,
You can't stop us todo, we keep heaters, chambered solo
8) Repeat bangers & know those....kids in this shigoto
Will NEVER see our level like Chen Zhen in dojos.
Track Name: PC MUST DIE


If I'm offending you, my dude, you need to listen closer

Pay attention my friend, PC has taken over

Got us all backtracking, afraid to speak our mind

I'll bring it back, say it with me, PC MUST DIE!!!!

Got so many regrets and things I should've said

PC had me for a second now I want its HEAD!

It had us all backtracking, afraid to speak our mind.

I'll bring it back, say it with me, PC MUST DIE!!

1) They CONSUMED with PC, I'm not in tune with their cowardice,
Don't believe? Break my bars down and study em like Auschwitz.
2) Now it fits, the fact I never did with these little kids
Stand on my own two till the end just like them towers did.
3) Powers are big but simple shit, tenderizing the tenements,
Finding the fighters, ending it. That's how they spread their image kid.
4) Remember it, lookin in the sky you only see dead stars
History determines the victor, don't get caught up with these red scars.
5) Let's start: It doesn't fit like skinny jeans on rappers
Affliction shirts on fat fucks, watchin UFC, clappers.
6) Bastards. And let's get it right, white privilege is real
But so is white flight because of affirmative action, it's ill
7) Meaning sick. White Hollywood & black prisons, different zoos,
And no such thing as reverse racism, you're racist too.
8) Everybody so concerned with their labels, how everyone else comparin' em,
So I throw up a white fist and say, "Fuck it, then I'm Irish American".


If I'm offending you, my dude, you need to listen closer

Pay attention my friend, PC has taken over

Got us all backtracking, afraid to speak our mind

I'll bring it back, say it with me, PC MUST DIE!!!!

Got so many regrets and things I should've said

PC had me for a second now I want its HEAD!

It had us all backtracking, afraid to speak our mind.

I'll bring it back, say it with me, PC MUST DIE!!

1) Not ever will I pretend to be a high and mighty whitey,
All of the bullshit and fighting, avoiding my feelings isn't likely
2) Might be archaic to you, not used to hearing the truth
Tuck ya fupa into ya fanny pack & buckle up while I shoot!
3) And yo, face tattoos are a stupid stamp, & you knew that
But still let em do that, sayin, "no one will hire me" true dat.
4) Genius. Bad as these damn "vape pen" elitists,
"Look at all this smoke I'm blowing, it's not even hurting my lungs" we'll see kid.
5) They're like being in the same room as a crossfit dude, marine or sailor
Know how u can tell if they're one? Oh, they'll fuckin tell ya.
6) Like sarcasm hides the fact that nerds found a way to fit in,
You don't have a "glandular problem" keep the food away from ya chin!
7) Women and foreigners don't tip & theology makes us sickened
But the south has the nicest racists, bible thumping with pretension
8) & school shootings are bc of shitty parents not spanking for kid's messes, Hard to trust any of these snakes, everyone fake like gays S'sssssssssssss. (Women don't even talk like that jack ass)