City of Lost Sleep

by Macrophonic MC and Salvo

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This is the first collaboration that Salvo and myself have brought to life. I had no idea how it would turn out because all of his lyrics are in French and mine are in English but I have to say that it ended up taking a life of it's own and becoming something that I am extremely proud of and truly a groundbreaking EP. This, to my knowledge, has never been done before and I think that Salvo and I really put our hearts into this project and you can really hear that in every song. This EP transcends language and cultural boundaries with universal ideas and a truly unique sound and delivery. Thank you so much for supporting true Hip-Hop and I hope you enjoy this EP as much as we enjoyed making it!!!! One.



released September 27, 2013




Macrophonic MC Wilmington, North Carolina

An MC from nowhere. Born in Spa City & lives in GHOSTOWN for now, Macrophonic MC is a truly unique artist in the world of Hip-Hop. Mixing destructive, cunning, yet uplifting lyrics with Spoken Word poetry, several languages and a very different and honest view of life, Macrophonic MC has traveled the world promoting his craft and now brings the show to you. "Being an artist is my only catharsis" ... more

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"Alone in the Streets"

1) Alone in the streets, she beats her feet to make ends
And doesn't know through the flow that tonight's how it ends

2) This John is a Johnny on the spot with a blade
ready to serrate and end the date with some masking tape.

3) Rape never enters the equation, the separation of real and fake
Dance through his psyche lightly and mate, him

4) A sociopath in society unchecked like lost luggage
Holding his sight glazed with wrath he unloads with a shrug it's

5) Artistic to him how he moves it so gently
A gentleman in fact as he flashes back to infancy

6) The warmth and the comfort, the torture and the cold,
His grip never slips as he sees her eyes go.

7) Why though? All his life he's been trained for this moment,
The pain and the torment, the rain muffles the moment.

8) All is quiet & well, he lights up in the mirror to see
Just another one diseased all Alone in the Streets.
Track Name: NO RADIO
1) No radio! I've been preaching this here for years.

A broken record to my peers, they ignore it or don't hear.

2) And I'm here, the underground, city shining above me,

We hold it down so lovely, we so profound, it's troubling.

3) If I change my flow and trajectory would it please the masses infecting the

Youth with passion instead of the fact they trapped in this treachery?

4) Because this art is some weaponry used to free or control.

But it seems for so long they dulled their senses, thinking it's all.

5) About that radio message, hearing the copies & testin'

The boundaries blurred through pressing of pointless shit, it's depressing.

6) I know SO MANY MC's that'll fight and kill for this,

But they can't get play on the radio cause they real plus intelligent.

7) And I thought of so many ways that I could state and say this shit,

But it all comes back around to the one fact that this

8) Nation is happy being ignorant, I guess it truly is bliss,

They numbed out from the hits and don't even know we exist. No Radio!!!

1) So I did some thinking and plotting,
not gonna be playin that possum,

I gotta be active, attacking, this demographic will blossom.

2) All about that flamboyant posture and that monotonous tone,

Gotta have that degrading message with no apologies thrown.

3) Make no mistake, there's a method, you can write your lyrics as reckless,

As you want as long as you put in a triplet within a lyric to finish a section.

4) Gotta keep em guessing. And the young kids stressing about impressing,

The women in their life that they're not supposed to care about, plus getting arrested.

5) Don't forget about the rest kid, all the guns and the drugs and the women and fame,

Make em feel bad they're not pimpin their women but then they say it's ok gang bang.

6) Man, this world is so twisted. Shoot a man and your mystic,

Do good and you're listed with the rest of the misfits, can't win with a missed trick.

7) Success and you missed it. The whole plot is Idiocracy.

Got us right where they want us to be, fulfilling their prophecy.

8) It's just radio, right? Not what they say but the beat that's tight.

I making the music for my life, y'all keep walking the piper's pipe. No Radio.
"Leaving You"

1) I'm a father now, a little farther down the road
I'ma watch em grow, these two beautiful seeds that I've sown.
2) No one can tell me a thing, I'm finally living my dream,
Music is my vocation but days in with the team.
3) Never seemed like a possibility, so we kept on our grizzly,
Hittin the streets and every mic cause I knew they couldn't get with me.
4) We stayed shifty like gypsies, leavin crowds dazed and tipsy,
Then I come home from the show & the road & Eebie kisses me.
5) This, to me, is just a mystery, all this love is simply,
Hard for me to believe, so I'm documenting my history.
6) I got the strongest team, plus the loves of my life,
Camden & Lillah plus the love of my wife.
7) It's almost too good to be true, my family plus I need you,
My fans are some of the realist, not a damn thing is see through.
8) Couldn't ask for more & as these doors for me are opened,
I'll be keeping you in my mind first, I'm Never Leaving You, know this.
"Fallen Soldiers"

1) Some of them might be fallen but they are never forgotten,
All of these nights they're running the gauntlet just tryin to get the job done.
2) And what do they get when they come home, waiting to greet them?
An open armed city, televised, we wanna see em.
3) The bikers and busses escorted by la policia,
The banners of "welcome home" & "we love u" line the theater.
4) Oops, I mean the reception, so glad ur back. Keep smiling!
In every one of their eyes, look close, u see em dying.
5) When all of the cameras STOP.....& the city goes back to sleeping,
"Remember the soldiers" banners are down but we have more if you need them.
6) It's dog and pony show and everyone knows the reality harshly,
That all of these warriors changing location is gonna be partly
7) Like climbing up Everest, never this precedence (in) our lifetimes,
How do u ADAPT from waking up STRAPPED to sitting BACK & watching NIGHTLINE?
8) No answers for these heroes even tho we all sympathize,
We're a nation of Broken Soldiers......welcome home guys.

1) We love you, know that, and we're so glad to show that
In everything we do, your sacrifice hasn't blown past
2) No blast, no stress you can rest your vest now
No more sidearm for bathroom breaks, time to veg out.
3) Or smoke out or booze up, and the tabs on me,
No doubt, You've done enough to keep all of us free.
4) Drop ya shoulders don't mind your Periferie
Tough times are behind its time for you to be free. Thank you.