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released August 1, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Macrophonic MC Wilmington, North Carolina

An MC from nowhere. Born in Spa City & lives in GHOSTOWN for now, Macrophonic MC is a truly unique artist in the world of Hip-Hop. Mixing destructive, cunning, yet uplifting lyrics with Spoken Word poetry, several languages and a very different and honest view of life, Macrophonic MC has traveled the world promoting his craft and now brings the show to you. "Being an artist is my only catharsis" ... more

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Track Name: Apple Pie A La Mode (Featuring ABSTRACT ARTFORM)
Land of the opportunist. Sex scenes with Mila Kunis. You stupid if you
can't do this.

MTV with no music. We guilt trip the clueless, better buy this or you're useless.

We feed off the weak. Concede? We'll never do it.

The cheap seats are ruthless, get it in before you're youthless.

Euphemisms aside, you don't buy, you leave toothless. "Idiocracy" & "Clueless",

"Joe Dirt" keeps it fluid. "Talladega Nights", we fight to keep our head above the sewage.

We choke! Hold the news, it's too much to process. 30 second

loops of the scoop in the projects. Costly concepts, we rock tops from

congress. Rotten from the inside out, devout plotters. No, you can't stop us,

Middle East to Sumatra, our military to coppers, we sin to win

prophets...are killed and we change topics. Sleight of hand before your

eyes. Premeditated, methodical in the land od Apple Pie.

In the land of Apple Pie, everybody wan buy.

This whole country on purpose in a drive thru line.

It's hard to find your way when every day you're media snowed.

They'll sell their sould for that Pie A La Mode.
Track Name: Commusication
1st Verse:
Commusication, raisin' the level of MC, elevation. I know you been
waitin' for this, salivatin', it's aggrivating. They ain't saying nothing now
days and they focus is off center. Radio stations playin' shit that
shouldn't even be contenders. Mind benders like myself are few and far
to find. Labels goin' for no talent and rappers goin' for shine. I'm goin'
outta my mind. It's getting harder to find the art. I'm communicating
through music trampelining a jump start. Lookin' to spark memories of
the past of the industry 'cause I'm trapped in the present when all these
rappers should envy me. Knowing I'm literally better than 90% of these
cats but A&Rs turning their backs seeing where my lyrics at.
Underground they knowin' Mac, showin' love in different places. But my
phonics is wasted. They listenin' with blank faces. Makin' me sick but
I'm taking this shit on despite location, communicating my heart through
music, Commusication.

2nd Verse:
I'm trapped in an area where they ain't tryin' to be hearin' ya. They
say, "You East Coast" or over the heads of the f'n stereotype. But it
might be that when I'm writing, I'm sighting higher than just two f'n
states. My mindstate's in the state of fighting the residing, pirana biting,
continual, identical rappers. See, I'm an MC, not a rapper.
MACROPHONIC you f'n bastards. Captured behind enemy lines but
I'm hopin' to eye a chopper flyin' over the horizon findin' my camp and I
hope they drop a f'n monster napalmer!! Bomb this bitch, leave nothin'
standin'. Then maybe, the real lyricist can reclaim the throne as the
champion. Stampin' the weak out of existence, this survival of the
fittest. In the true spirit of "F the Foundation", I'm gonna rip it. With a
vengance 'cause I'm in it. Deep in the trenches, bustin' teeth. 'Cause
y'all got me on some shit I've been wantin' to talk about since 93!! And I
know some mufukas still ain't even gon' understand what I be sayin',
but let me ask you this, if you knew you sucked, wouldn't you say it was
playa hatin'?
Track Name: Epitafh
I think about you daily, my homie, my true. My friend to the end and back again, it was you

Who I could always look up to when I was down in the gutter. When my life got dark, you were there to raise the shutters.

Now I wonder, how you doin' on the other side? And, can you see all the good I'm doin' in my life?

I strive, daily, to make it in this game but with one less homie on this Earth, it's not the same.

Refrain from the craziness I did in the past, remember when I was bangin', straight down for the blast?

Well, at last, I've changed..truly from the inside. Keeping you alive in my mind, you'll never die.

Yet I cry because my homies, no longer are you breathin'. No matter what happens I'ma never stop grieving.

I'll be seeing you when I lay in my spot. Reserve me a stage and a MIC TO ROCK when I drop out of the race they call life.

Reunion of true friends, we'll do it up right. I might not know exactly what I can accomplish but I guarantee You'll never be forgotten, I PROMISE.
Track Name: Who Want This?
Who Want This?
Grab the microphone if you on this, but come with lyrical content.
No responses.

I raise hell like tails of Moby Dick whales on boat sails,
I inhale, chest swells, then exhale and the rest bail.
Saying "Oh, hell! How does he rhyme so many times so clean?"
My team blowin' seams by means hotter than steam
Or sunbeams on Nosferatu, my lyrical style got you.
Gonna rock you with a mind and microphone, gimme my props due.
Too cool is how my crew be operatin'. We waitin', jaws gapin', salivatin', eradicatin'
The fakin' MCs. I be takin' MCs and breakin' MCs. Makin' MCs say,
"Macro, please".We's is just tryin' to survive in this.
But after one minute in it, they gonna be lyin' finished.
Never replenished, game flyin' when I tighten my grip.
I'm breakin' the backs of lyracists, and see their ash in my shit, better fear my hiss.
I split rock guts, makin' 'em vomit, watch em die with wide open eyes, Who fuckin' Want It?


Detatchin' brains from retinas when I catch a mufucka slippin'
Blowin' the skin off they body with this lyrical ass whippin'
Tendons and muscles, it's a juggle to tussle with hustlin'
Bubblin' playa, stumblin'? No, mutha fucka and
rumblin' buildings of camps, clubs of thugs and clicks,
bodies of burnt bitches, black stains when it hits.
Lyrics split and rip fibers, night goggles to find ya.
See, I'm an old time a rhymer, you's a minor rhymer
I'ma find a wind around, hide around way to put you to rest
suppress the pressure a guest here. Can I get a check here?
There's a mess here,Wigglin' on the floor in guess gear.
Frozen in fear. Pour a beer, shed a tear. Is it clear I be
Killin' rhyme villins and sealin' top billin' pavilions and millions of quadrillions of MCs and still chillin'.
Are you feelin'? I burnin' and turnin' faster than comets. Atmospherical lyrical brain crusher, muthafuckas, Who Want it?


Do you like this lyrical hypness? The whitest, tightest, brightest MC
ever to touch the fuckin' mic, it's
The way that I kick my shit, rippin' them ____, bouncin' them ____
I spits like a cobra over INFINITE licks and drum kicks
Boom bips, I splits lips of compeditors. Kevlar to spar, rip hearts and parts severed.
Never test the mic flexer, crew wrecker, better check the
Whole scenario before you think to fuckin' step to
What? Mr. Clever, however you wanna flow
I change it up for them brothers that be flowin' that monotone
No-body can get with me 'cause I stifle
They brain capacity, renderin' the rival idle.
I know I glow, rifle penetration be waitin'
We diggin' in the crate and makin' the shit we tapin'.
Escapin' is futile, meanwhile yo, I be cheesin'
'Cause I be only one MC that will stop your breathin'. Who Want it?
Track Name: Never Had Time
Chorus: Never Had tell you that I love you. But I always made time for you, always made the time.
Track Name: Thousandaire
1st VERSE:
I just wanna be a Thousandaire, F millions and buying buildings and golden ceilings.

(I) just wanna record or jump on stage when the feeling's building, chillin'.

But I'm sealin' up the game with this, I came with this flame to spit. Lighting the sky behind the mic, I'm dangerous.

Made for this, you waited for this so welcome the arrival. Kamikaze suicidal, to my rivals, Baka janai no? (Are you stupid or something?)

Why those foes don't know that I be serious about my lyrics? Coming up to me like, "Where's yo ice?" but I don't hear it.

Don't drive a Bentley, Benz or a Lex and I ain't froze up but I hold up the mic and get followed like Moses.

Shoulders to shoulders, eyes wide to behold this. Words hit your head muscle like I'm shooting from the holsters.

The coldest and one of the boldest, maintaining my focus, I unfold this game and they runnin' like some roaches.

Can't hold this!!! Show this to your homies and tell 'em where and thank you for you're contribution for me becoming a Thousandaire.

I just wanna be a Thousandaire dawg, I ain't askin' for much.
Everybody got ice and whips and switches and sluts but,
I'm just tryin' to live better than check to check.
F a millionaire, a couple of thousand and I'll be set.

2nd VERSE:
I'm tryin' to take my flow universally 'cause they hurtin' me. F it, I'll say it. They Arrested my Development in Tennessee.

But despite y'all, I've got white balls! Ain't never gon' see the night fall. One of these days I'm gonna take flight y'all & when I make it, I'll write y'all.

It's like hike y'all and I'm stiff armin' and trippin' on the return. Mufuckas be gettin' burned, with every word, I'm makin' 'em learn.

Servin' 'em stern. Like Ace said, without a mic check, there's no check at all so I gotta be hittin' 'em raw make 'em remember what they saw.

Never gon' fall, always gon' ball. Can't deny the raw talent I possess and express, been repressed losing balance.

Now I'm falcon, up and out and scoutin', time to feel my talons!! Tryin' to make a couple of thousand so I don't worry about my housin'.

And I been up for the challenge, got some loungin' in my future. Snipe the industry from so high you can't identify the shooter.

And I'm scooter in the shadows but you can still feel the stare. Determined and dangerous, the Macrophonic Thousandaire and I'm outta here.
Track Name: Waiting
The words are waiting for me to put them together then to say them. To lay

them out in a way they can take them in and then relate them. Correlate

them to congregations of cypher circles 'till they purple 'cause with all the wack ass acts on track now a days,

you've gotta hurtle. With fertile mindscapes of positivity, erase negativity from your delivery.

It's simply too damned easy to jump on the band wagon of simplicity. They jittery when I

speak literally, hold me bitterly in their memories. I'm just satirically

speaking generally about the epitome of my misery 'cause I know that

eventually that glittery-cappadonna personified can't survive.

And with open eyes,just the realization they realized will turn the tide.

And with third (eye) open wide, now they're waiting right side finding the bindings of

like minds can be tight, but a second sight. So, they take flight with new

views and knowledge of circumstances seeing the beat dances differently

with new occular enhancements. The commandments set in steel: "For

only MCs can reveal." With evil at your heels, stand stern for the

return 'cause they Waiting.
Track Name: Drive On (Randy Bishop feat Macro)
I Drive On through city lights and skyscraper sceneries. People used to look past, now they lookin' like they seem to be

Seeing the meaning in my meeting with the music. We abuse it, put the truth to it and run the luge through it.

Who could do it like we do it? We blew it to crush barriers, the general population relatin' to rhyme carry us

into stratosphere, the atmosphere, we here. Stars in the sky so when we high, you near.

We sear paths through crowds and laughs out loud to blast through clouds to reign the now and they all fall down.

In the South, we raised to blaze and dream of better days, through haze of life, we raise the stakes.

So annie up! Grab your chips, take a drink or hit so you can see we through the bullshit music.

Just get your get right and get right on the song. It's R & B & Macrophonic, underground, DRIVE ON!!!